Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fridge Matters

Most of us desire to live a healthy, a strong and a happy life.  From the surface this seems to be like a random act of fate whether we will be granted the above or not.

I would like to propose the theory that we have a great influence on these desired states of being by the manner we stock our fridge.  The fridge door is the door which is opened the most.  Not only when we feel hungry or thirsty and peckish but also when we feel bored, unhappy, tired, angry or restless we reach for the fridge door.  The way  a food stimulates us after we have eaten will give us an indication of what it does for us.

Organic fruit, vegetables, nuts (apart from people who have nut allergies), seeds and grains are colourful, inviting, vibrant, nutritious and one hundred percent compatible with our herbivorous digestive system.  They stay fresh for a long time because they are full of life forces.

In the contrary meat is dead and pale in colour, highly packaged and processed to halt the immediate decaying process.  There is no life energy left which would give us vibrancy instead our body is laden with toxins.  In fact, most diseases and also early deaths are often caused by a meat related diet.  Our body has to use a lot of its own energy to eliminate and destroy the toxins ingested by meat.

Looking at it with an environmental eye we know that the production of meat takes more then seven times more resources from the earth then the cultivation of vegetables does.

Lets get back to my earlier theory.

Vegetables are the healthy fuel for our bodies.  The worlds strongest living mammals live on a plant based diet.  Let us also lock at the people who put their bodies to the test, the athletes.  The number of vegan Olympic medalists is phenomenal.  For example, Lizzie Armitstead, cyclist, has been a vegetarian since 10 years of age.  Whilst preparing for the Olympic Games she practised running with Kenyan athletes, who mainly live on a plant based diet, and she says: "The list of gold medals the Kenyan athletes have won on the track is endless."  Vegetarians continue to rise to the top of their sports.  We know of Murray Rose, four Olympic gold medals (1956-1960) and vegan from childhood.  Carl Lewis, who when he adopted a vegan diet became the fastest in his career.  The list goes on.  Christopher Campbell, Venus William,  Ronda Rousey and Hannah Teter (gold and silver for snow boarding) says: " I feel stronger then I've ever been, mentally, physically and emotionally.  My plant based diet has opened up more doors....It's a whole other level that I'm elevating to."...

Carl Lewis (image not by me)
And now, what has happiness got to do with it?

It is common knowledge that everything around us is a form of energy and that we are all interconnected in this field of exchange on this planet.  Plants have a giving nature and often, when we pick fruit or cut vegetables the plant will supply us with more at the next harvest.  The energy of raising and killing animals is that of utter cruelty and pain.  These energies are found locked in the flesh  of the animal when it is killed.  Our bodies and emotions are exposed to these harmful vibrations when we consume meat.  Hence, the feeling of happiness when we are eating meat is clearly jeopardised.

In the manner we stock our fridge we will actively influence our health, strength and happiness.

(image not by me)

Watch out for my next blog entry where I will be giving practical tips.

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